Linfordwood (Carina) G.B
Linford Wood Business Park , Sunrise Parkway Milton Keynes

1575 Sqft (146 Sqm) from £12.00 Sqft

The Space

Ground Floor refurbished office space in Linfordwood, close to Milton Keynes Centre. The estate provides:

High parking ratio
Landscaped surroundings

The unit features:
Modern Airconditioning
LED Lighting


  • Highspeed Internet (100MB Bearer)
  • Parking
  • 24h access
  • On Site Manager
  • Kitchen


Lease (6 year term)
Rent £26,800 pa
SC £4,410 pa
Notes: All terms are subject to contract and the completion of a standard estate lease.
Rent is payable quarterly in advance on the usual quarter days
Service Charge is billed quarterly in advance based on the proportion of the annual estate and building budget. Actual costs are reconciled annually.
An additional charge for insurance is applicable.


Check out this business space on; Linfordwood (Carina) G.B.

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